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NOBLEX® NZ6 5-30 x 56 Inception ret. BDC

NOBLEX® NZ6 5-30 x 56 Inception ret. BDC

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NOBLEX® NZ6 5-30 x 56, reticle BDC  is one German-made binoculars which is designed for you who like to shoot at slightly longer ranges. With a 56mm opening and up to 30x zoom, these are binoculars that give you many possibilities - Like all NOBLEX products, this scope scores highly with brilliant optics and precisely processed mechanics. 

With the N6 scope, NOBLEX once again presents a high-performance, reliable companion for the modern hunter. These models meet all the requirements of a modern scope: a 6x zoom factor, large field of view for comfort and safety, super fine reticle with a dimmable illuminated dot for precise observations even at long distances as well as an intuitively operated illuminated dot control. State-of-the-art glass materials and coating technology that guarantee bright, high-contrast,
sharp contoured and brilliant images.

Good reticle for long-range shooting

The reticle has thin and sharp lines that are perfect for small targets. The dot is in signal red and can be continuously adapted to all light conditions, either in the sunshine during the day or the moonlight at night. The dot is instantly detected by the shooter and guarantees a precise shot. The space around the reticle is designed large enough to minimize distracting coatings.

NOBLEX lighting control

If the light conditions change, you can adjust the NOBLEX N6 scope with a twist of the wrist to the brightness of the environment. A continuously adjustable and silent, working lighting control adapted to the physiology of the eyes ensures optimal detectability and strong contrasts under all lighting conditions. With automatic switch-off you also save electricity. If the scope is not in operation for 180 minutes, the illumination is switched off automatically. Thanks to the integrated memory function, it is immediately available after a reactivation in the last set brightness.


  • Binoculars with 5-30x zoom
  • Suitable for hunting, field or range shooting
  • Extremely fine reticle for maximum shooting precision
  • External lenses with non-stick coating
  • NOBLEXmulticlean (Nmcl) Dimmable reticle, perfect for all lighting conditions
  • Intuitively operated, comfortable and silent work lighting
  • High transfer performance for bright images
  • Large interpupillary distance provides the highest level of safety during a shot


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