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GUIDE TrackIR 35

GUIDE TrackIR 35

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The 2020 Guide TrackIR series is designed for professional hunters and others looking for a high quality thermal monocular. Here you get a lot of power for the money.

The 35mm version has a stated detection distance to a person of 1,000 meters and a vehicle of 2,400 meters. The TrackIR series has become a bestseller and fits very well in the bag of the Norwegian hunter

The TrackIR device comes with 3 different lenses (25mm, 35mm, 50mm)

TrackIR 35mm offers smooth zoom 2.3x-9.2x, built-in stadiametric distance meter, changing and adapting the image, several different modes, possibility to film what you see.

With a high frame rate of 50Hz, which means 50 frames per second, TrackIR creates a sharp thermal image through dynamic and fast movement at a distance.

With 400x300 IR sensor and 1280x960 HD display, it provides adaptable and excellent thermal imaging in all conditions.

The 1280x960 pixel HD screen is equivalent to standing 1m from a 22-inch screen. This makes it very comfortable to use together with the ergonomic design.

Smooth zoom allows you to comfortably zoom back and forth without jerky magnification.

With Guide's own app "Track IR" (Android and IOS), you can connect to the thermal device and view the images directly on your own phone or tablet. You can also save videos here.

The large 6000mAh battery ensures good battery life. It manages 5 hours in standby mode so that is more than enough for a long day in the field.

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