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Disclaimer; Vanward Suppressors

Vanward has put all our knowledge and experience into designing a high performance product with highest possible level material technology, design and safety in use.

The user must take all necessary precautions to operate the suppressor in an appropriate way, the following information is important for you and your surroundings safety.

Failure to follow the product's instructions, warnings and intended use, may result in serious injury to you and others, including weapons and objects nearby

Vanward accepts no liability for damages, injury or any legal responsibility incurred directly or indirectly from the use of this product. The user shall always observe safe and lawful practices including, but not limited to, those set forth in this document.

It is recommended that the suppressor is fitted by a professional gunsmith for the first time on a new rifle/barrel.

Always threat your firearm as loaded and ready to fire!

Before first time use:

1. Remove the bolt or trigger mechanism from your rifle

2. Check that you have the right caliber suppressor er for your rifle.

3. Carefully fit the suppressor to your threaded muzzle – make sure you have the right threads and do not force the suppressor onto the rifle threads.

4. Check the clarence between the threads in the suppressor and the rifle – it should be no slack between the suppressor and the rifle when screwed all the way in.

5. Check that the threads on the rifle barrel has a sufficient stop giving at least 1 mm shoulder (example; 16 mm rifle pipe should have maximum M14 treads)

6. Inspect and sight through the barrel from chamber with the suppressor fitted to confirm that the center axis of the suppressor and the rifle is aligned.

Shooting for the first time:

1. With the rifle unloaded and pointed in a safe direction, install the suppressor to the rifle, make sure it is firm but not overtightened.

2. Confirm the right caliber suppressor for your rifle

3. Inspect the bore and confirm that there is clear passage for the bullet

4. Wear protective goggles approved for shooting and proper shooting gloves

5. Shoot the first shoot

6. Inspect the suppressor for any sign of the bullet touching the baffles.

7. Check that the suppressor has not loosened from the rifle

8. Shoot another 5 shoots, inspect the suppressor and confirm that the suppressor has not loosened from the rifle. Caution! Hot surfaces – wear gloves.

9. The suppressor might spread some sparks from titanium powder (left from the 3D printing process) for the first 10-30 shoots.

Use googles and pay attention that there is no risk of a fire.

General use:

1. Inspect the suppressor and the threads for any damages and that it is free for dirt

2. Pay attention to the axis of alignment/clearance through the barrel and the suppressor

3. Confirm the right caliber suppressor for your rifle

4. Tighten the suppressor firmly and control regularly during use that it has not loosened

5. We recommend not to shoot the suppressor to warm although our Titanium suppressor is made of one piece and can withstand extreme temperatures without being damaged or weakened, the rifle may have its precision damaged if to hot. Further, metals expand when hot and this might in some cases and in some rifles, cause the suppressor to slightly loosen from the barrel.

After use:

1. Allow the suppressor to dry, if wet before storage

2. Never store the rifle with the suppressor mounted for corrosion prevention as Titanium is high above the carbon steel in terms of corrosion resistance.


1. The Vanward suppressor is 3D printed from 100% Grade 5 Titanium and has no loose parts inside.

Thus there is no corrosion issues related to different metal alloys as aluminum and steel. Further the Titanium has proved to release and powder or sot deposits very well.

2. If the user should experience sot deposits inside the suppressor, it can be submersed into warm soap water for some time, or into a ultrasonic bath and the dried.

Inspect for any loose pieces of sot before use.


1. Any reloader should have the necessary skills for reloading ammunition and understand the basics of bullet stability.

Always make sure that you are operating according to standard pressure for your cartridge and that the bullet is stable before fitting a suppressor.

We thank you for the trust by choosing Vanward suppressor and congratulate you with the purchase of the possibly the best suppressor in the marked!