Dette er hvorfor du bør velge Vanward!

This is why you should choose Vanward!

Finding the perfect silencer is essential for any shooter who values ​​quality, performance and safety. We have compiled an overview of why Vanward's silencers should be your first choice!

Titan Grade 5

Our silencers are manufactured in Grade 5 Titanium, with advanced 3D-printing technology. This innovative production results in unprecedented strength and extreme durability. The choice of material makes the muffler maintenance-free, and you can be sure that your muffler will last a lifetime. This is not just a promise, but a guarantee of quality that Vanward stands by.

Tested over time

Vanward silencers have undergone rigorous tests over time. The prototype has impressively survived 12 years and over 12,500 shots without a single cleaning. This is living proof of the reliability and strength of our mufflers.


Fail-safe design: Safety in focus

Vanward's fail-safe design isn't just a buzzword – it's a safety for the shooter. If the silencer is blocked by a foreign object, the energy is safely directed away from the shooter. This safety is documented and available on Vanward's YouTube channel, so you can see and understand the effect of the fail-safe design yourself.

Performance without compromise

Our mufflers deliver impressive damping, while maintaining a low weight. The lightest damper weighs only 137 grams, making it the ideal choice for those who value both performance and weight. Shooters can now experience superior damping without worrying about unnecessary extra weight or changing the balance of the weapon.

Tested by experts

Reviewers from Jeger Magasinet have given Vanward's Hunter models top marks with a dice roll of 6. They have declared that Vanward's mufflers dampen as well or better than competitors of similar sizes. The magazine also noted the absence of First-Shot Pop, a challenge that often affects muffler manufacturers. This confirms that our silencers deliver consistent performance from the first shot to the last.


All in one

Choose Vanward for a damper without compromise. Take control of your shooting experience with silencers that combine strength, reliability and cutting-edge technology - all in one package. Vanward gives you more than just damping; we give you a damper that stands out from the crowd.


Invest in quality, invest in Vanward.

Shoot with confidence, shoot with Vanward.

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