• "Hunter took an impressive number of shots before the mirage appeared, and I quickly fired off 20 shots without it stopping me. Rarely good! Rating: 6 dice" - JEGER 11/22"

  • "Hunter is a lightweight, slim, and robust suppressor. We believe that this suppressor, with its low weight and compact size, has an impact on noise and recoil that surpasses many other models." - Jegeravisen 12/22

  • "Vanward provides peak performance with their lightweight and rugged titanium suppressors at a level that is simply hard to beat."
    3GSports 01.23

  • "The Vanward Titan silencers are a joy to use and own. Lightweight, efficient, strong and long lasting, this is for those who care about their gear."

    Salamander Tactical 01/23

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3D Printet

We manufacture our suppressors using one of the most advanced production technologies available in the market. Learn more about our suppressors here

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Spartan Tofot

"Spartan makes the best hunting bipods I've ever used. The design is simple and elegant and tough as hell. You don't know it's there until you need it. And when you need it, you're glad you have Spartan"

- Steven Rinella/Meateater TV

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Designed, manufactured, and optimized in Norway

World's strongest suppressor. Designed to last