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GUIDE TA435 Thermal Front Mounted Binoculars

GUIDE TA435 Thermal Front Mounted Binoculars

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The Guide TA435 is a front-mounted thermal imaging device that allows the user to use their existing rifle scope as a thermal sight. Weighing only 435 grams, this compact device attaches to the rifle scope with an adapter ring. Additionally, the device comes with an ocular cover that allows for handheld use as a thermal monocular. The unit is robustly built and can withstand up to caliber .338 without a suppressor. Our team at Vanward has been thoroughly impressed with the TA435, having used it for two years, and we highly recommend it.

Sighting and positioning

The TA435 does not come equipped with a reticle or laser pointer. It is mounted to the front of the rifle scope with the adapter ring and the rifle scope reticle is used to aim directly at the OLED screen. Essentially, the user can use their ordinary rifle scope, but now with a thermal image.

Color palettes and scene modes

The TA435 has several adjustable options. It offers four thermal color palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, and Green Hot. All modes can be adjusted for contrast to optimize the image.

There are also scene modes to choose from, such as forest, snow, desert, and city modes. These are preset modes that optimize the image for various environments. A very useful function is the unique Hot Track feature, which highlights the object emitting the most heat on the screen with a small crosshair. This feature can assist in finding an animal that may otherwise be difficult to detect.

Additional accessories for your rifle scope

To use the TA435, an adapter ring is needed to attach the thermal camera to the rifle scope. This adapter ring is not included and must be purchased separately to ensure a proper fit for the user's rifle scope. The thermal unit screws onto the ring, and the clamp secures it to the rifle scope. It is recommended to use magnifications up to approximately 5X on the rifle scope and not exceed this.

Using the ocular cover, the TA435 can also be used as a handheld thermal monocular. This can also be purchased separately. With two CR123A batteries, the unit can be used for up to 3.5 hours.

Included in the package

1x Clip-On Attachment for Thermal Imaging TA435

1x Universal Battery Charger

1x Video Output Cable

1x MicroUSB Cable

1x Neoprene Storage Case

1x Quick Start Guide

1x Warranty Card

1x Packaging with Foam Filling

Not included:

Adapter ring for rifle scope.

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