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Finally, the brand new TU series from Guide has hit the market. This scope combines the stable sensor of the 17μm together with Guide's advanced algorithm that gives you sharp and clear images. If sharp images at shorter ranges are important to you, the TU-420 is the thermal riflescope to choose. In order for it to be as user-friendly as possible, it has a 30mm intermediate tube which means that it can be mounted with normal binocular mounts. The Guide TU420 has a 400x300 VOx (17μm), 30mm lens and a zoom from 1.6-6.4x. It is also possible to have 10 different "zero profiles", so you can shoot it with different weapons and have the hit point saved. If you use quick assembly 30mm rings, it is easy to exchange between your normal sight for the TU-420. 

Thermal properties

  • 400x300 VOx 17 μm
  • 50hz frame rate
  • 0.39" OLED 1024x768 screen
  • Different palettes white/black/red/green hot
  • Detection distance 2400m (car) and 1000m (human)


  • Possibility to choose 10 different reticles
  • 6 different colors and 10 different light levels
  • 10 different "zero profiles"
  • Zero distances of 50/100/200/300/500m

Additional functions

  • Hot Track function, where the aim points to the hottest object in the image. Works best on cool days where the surroundings are cooler. 
  • Static distance meter to be able to give an approximate distance
  • Picture in Picture mode. Gives you a small window in the image that has a larger zoom.
  • Wifi and Bluetooth to be able to share the image
  • App (iOS and Android) to be able to download video and images. 


  • Recoil tolerance of 500G/1ms
  • IP67 tightness
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • 18650 Battery (included)
  • USB-C charging port
  Guide TU420
Guide TU430 Guide TU450
lenses 25mm 35mm 50mm
Fast Zoom 1.6x 2.3x 3,2x
Max. zoom 6.4x 9,2x 12,8x
Was 1.700 m 2.400 m 3.000 m
Human being 700 m 1.000 m 1.400 m
Fow 15,5 x 11,6 11,1 x 8,3 7,8 x 5,8
Weight 930 gram 940 gram 950 gram


Included in the box

  • TU420
  • Lens protector
  • Eye cap
  • Storage bag
  • USB-C Cable
  • Micro-HDMI Cabel
  • 18650 Bacteria
  • Battery charger
  • Lens cloth
  • User manual




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