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Javelin lite Bipod Standard Leg

Javelin lite Bipod Standard Leg

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Spartan Javelin lite Bipod Standard Leg, one piece

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With interchangeable leg options, the Javelin Lite bipod® is available in three lengths to accommodate shooters who want a lightweight modular bipod that will serve a variety of disciplines from range shooting to hunting in the most demanding environments. Using high-quality carbon fiber, the Javelin Lite weighs only 4.6 oz and doesn't compromise the balance of a rifle, making it perfect for hunters on the go, especially since it can be attached and detached in an instant using the 'Spartan Magnetic Attachment System'.


  • Locking edge for uneven terrain
  • Track targets with the traverse function or use in locked target mode
  • Interchangeable legs at a fixed height
  • Quick and easy to switch to other rifles using the Spartan magnetic attachment system
  • Secure sail attachment
  • Low profile adapter makes carrying a cocked rifle comfortable
  • A variety of different accessory legs available to accommodate different shooting positions and terrain
  • Comes with classic rifle adapter kit to attach bipod
  • Compatible with a full range of 12mm Spartan adapters
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