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Hunter Short G2

Hunter Short G2

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We are selling TE-Titan's shock absorbers - Discontinued model

The TE-Titan Hunter short is a front-mounted damper that stands out. Despite the short construction length and narrow diameter, this damper performs very well. With a diameter of only 42 mm, it is minimally visible in binoculars. This is particularly an advantage on rifles where the scope is mounted low or when using low magnification.

The damper is extremely durable due to the choice of material Titanium Grade 5. The threaded part is made of acid-resistant steel. Titanium is not damaged by water, salt solutions or chlorine gas. Which makes it perfect for this purpose.

Tests show that the gunpowder sludge does not stick to titanium in the same way as on aluminum and steel.

Titanium has a melting temperature of +1600°C. Only at 600°C will titanium be weakened by heat. This means that dampers withstand the use of mirage pulls very well. 

The silencers are designed and manufactured in Norway.

Advantages of the TE Titan damper

  • Low weight
  • Compact
  • Tolerates heat firing well
  • Fast cooldown - short mirage period
  • Very corrosion resistant
  • Maintenance only on threads, not inside
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