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Vanward Felt

Vanward Felt

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Vanward Felt has been further developed from TE-Titan's 3D printed suppressors.

We have optimized the baffle spacing for even better pressure equalization inside the suppressor. The rugged exterior design features a hexagonal pattern that not only enhances the suppressor but also contributes to a sturdier construction. This makes the suppressor even safer, stronger, and more robust. The pattern facilitates more efficient surface cooling.

The incredible lightweight of only 171 grams* combined with the integrated cooling fins makes it perfect for field shooters. It has been designed with input from sharpshooters and some of the top field shooters in the country.

3D printed in a single piece of grade 5 Titanium. No loose parts - maximum safety and performance.

The suppressor is extremely durable due to the choice of material, Grade 5 Titanium. The threaded section is made of stainless steel. Titanium is unaffected by water, salt solutions, or gun gases. This makes it perfect for this purpose. Tests show that powder residue does not adhere to Titanium in the same way as it does to aluminum and steel.

Initially available in calibers .223, .264, .30

Vanward Felt is available in the following thread types:
M18x1, M15x1, M14x1, 1/2*28,

Length: 130mm
*171 grams in M14x1.

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